Posted by: motivat0r | May 11, 2010

Mindfuck (65)


  1. *gasp* That one tree has a leaf!

  2. I don’t see it

  3. there is a dinosour


  5. You can see a woman shaped kind of thing in the watherfall

  6. no, if you look at the image from kinda far away from your computer you’ll see that the landscape has a shape of a rabbit. ^^

  7. To the right of the people on the trail… an undead army

  8. There’s a T-REX going to nom nom nom the peoples!!!

  9. See the last guy in the queue, the one that is looking away.
    There something at his 12 o’clock, about 4 feet away, on the ground.

  10. The river on the right is flowing upstream…

  11. step away from ur pc and see it move °-°

  12. Hahaha that’s one hell of a pee.

  13. i dont see anything

  14. looks like there is nothing behind the waterfall like its just falling from space?

  15. no yhe tree above them …… if u look closely u can see gods hand

  16. If you look slightly to the right of the people, you can see what looks like a moss monster.

  17. do’h?

  18. I don’t see it

  19. T-rex teeth and eye rough shape of head – in the trees above the hikers…

  20. stupid humans walking happily to the mouth of a trex

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