Posted by: motivat0r | June 2, 2009

Niggers (3)



  1. its so bad that exist people like you in this world..
    hope 1 day u ill realize that we are all the same, black or white it doesnt matter..

    ah, 1 more thing, please tell u mom to call me again, she forgot her mobile phone here.. u bastard

  2. I love u too, sweety. ❤

    It’s funny if you’re ignorant.

  4. guns and sticks? guess they’ve evolved from throwing shit at one another

  5. Just deal with it, if you hate racism so much why do you click on this screen if it has a racist word on it

  6. lol! joe, good stuff!

  7. That there is funny. I don’t care who you are. We all gonna die soon so might as well laugh. Ain’t no sense in gettin butt hurt over words.

  8. thats just messed up, but so messed up it makes you laugh.

  9. Hmmm. You know what i think? i think ‘Black guy’ wants to be white, that’s what. Well it a shame you were born a nigger, now isn’t it?

  10. Keep ur the good work:-D They`ll be extinct soon anyway.Crack and HIV.Gift from God in the war against vermin

  11. hey see ‘black guy’s post he dont seem to mind if you hate racism dont click on the rascial slur.

  12. MAN FUCK ALL THESE NIGGER I AM GOING TO BURN THEM ALL ! fuck you too jesus 666 4 the win

  13. suck my ballssssssss! i like to crack mwaaaaaaaaaa neck

  14. abbey zacharius can make her ass clap like a NIGGER! hit me up via facebook (; 804-972-1690

  15. call meeeee:) sexyass my name is surrrrr atkin 432 024

  16. zacharius**8 re re

  17. you guys are a fuckin retarded

  18. niggers should stay away from other people because they are the more disgusting than the most rotten shit on this planet.

  19. Haha, the guy with the stick is in front.

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