Posted by: motivat0r | June 2, 2009

Giant Ass Saw Thing…

Giant Ass Saw Thing


  1. Roflcopter

  2. Hey, that looks like something I made in AG class 20 years ago. Wait, what the hell is it doing out here? Damn, Nazis…

  3. its a reclaimer, from a mine site (picks up loose dirt kinda)

  4. its kinda excessive

  5. limbooooOOOooOOoooooOOOO

  6. Why, sis is our finest Nazi doomsday machine, of course. Was supposed to make se north sea run dry and leak into a giant hole dug into where once was France. Sis way, our Panzers could have blitzed right srough se channel into England. Resistance is futile, escape is impossible! My countrymen from Krupp built sis masterpiece, bitte sehr:

    …actually, this time it’s our own countryside we rampage, reducing vast areas to a martian wasteland in sake of profit 😦

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