Posted by: motivat0r | February 12, 2009

Pokemon (2)



  1. no. no it did’t.

  2. Listen Death by whatever, if u dont like it stfu, i hate pokemon but the art/redesign of it is pretty awsome, and next time you have a comment about something you dont like, think “hey maybe other ppl like this kinda stuff and my 2 cents would just be annoying” cuz if you clicked the picture, hated it, and then decided to give it a dickheaded opinion, then u need to get a fuckin life

  3. YES,yes it did

  4. Oh Dayum.

  5. im not a particular fan on pokemon, but i greatly admire the creativity of the poeple who made it, personally it all went downhill further after the hoenn region.

    however, if they made a live-action pokemon movie, i’d definitely watch it.
    (is there a live-action pokemon movie?)

  6. @Devon
    lol i was going to thumb up your reply to deathbypancakes, i have been spending WAY too much time on funnyjunk

  7. EmmaDesu~, unfortunately not yet. It’s too hard. If they use animation it’s not ‘live’ anymore, and imagine cats painted yellow for pikachu TT
    deathbypancake, stfu, you’re dead already right? And the hardcore thing is not pokemon, it’s the drawing technique.

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