Posted by: motivat0r | February 12, 2009

Niggers (2)



  1. never happened to me in life yet.

  2. poor kid will be scarred for life…..fuckin’ niggers !

  3. omfg u guys are really really racist!!!….i mean i know most black people are kinda ignorant and most are violent and stuff but omg i mean wow. its not all blacks that are life that though.

  4. Fucking niggers. I remember a jiggaboo doing that to me.

  5. Um… Wow? You’re calling people racist?

    “i mean i know most black people are kinda ignorant and most are violent and stuff”


  6. WOW. That picture is so insulting and racist. And people here just think it’s funny and take it lightly. Please, put a pistol in your mouth and pull the trigger. Dumb cunts.

  7. Wow. This picture is so insulting and racist. People here like Southern Cracker and aliexs think it’s a joke. And wow is a hypocrite. Please kindly put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. Dumb cunts.

  8. haha. so true the other day i was at an annual klan meeting and a fucking nigger was in the bushes eating fried chicken and watermelon….i havnet seen that poor bastard since.

  9. Come the fuck on..People, It is a fucking joke..learn to laugh and enjoy yourself. If you don’t like what the fuck you see…then GTFO and STFU. Quit your god damn bitchin.

    Funny ass pic btw. Thanks

  10. fuckin racist webmaster. post yer own dumb ass in a black frame. hey fuck you eclipse. eat shit southern cracker

  11. what do you call a nigger sky diving? fucking air pollution, someone better not have gave that chocolate drop a parachute.

  12. Wow, Jimmy Jackass. That really hurt. NOT!! go suck yo mamma’s tittie

  13. To Wow…your being extremely stereotypical which would not make you any better than all of the sad ignorant homosapiens that plague this site. I will never understand why many people who are of a sickly pale tint (of which they had no control over, sadly) would hate upon others whom also did not get to choose their genetic disposition. I find it somewhat hilarious, because I am positive that not one racist on this site would approach an African American and say the N word to their face….

  14. i say we deport all colored fucks, and or economy, crime rate, populace, rape percentage, gang violence, and bad music and taxes will all GO DOWN!!! Our countries problems solved in a jiff.

  15. Very funny, I must say so myself.

    Some people would considering laughing at pictures like this one is racist, however it is not if you mean no harm when laughing. Everyone is a little racist, as humans we cannot hide that fact.
    We can’t help to laugh at funny things, or can we? I’m not going to hold my laugh because other African americans are in the same room, because I know that ‘black people’ aren’t niggers and I’m sure they would agree with me aswell.

    Anywho, how could you call this African American a ‘nigger’ ? Do you even know the defintion of a Nigger? The word Nigger basicly means a lazy worthless piece of shit. This man isn’t a NIGGER, because hes jumping, right? Not so lazy.

    In any case the little white kid in the picture smiling should be called a nigger, right? Because he’s just standing there looking as if he just took a shit. Quite lazy, you know? Just standing there…

    Education is needed when trying to be funny, ay?

    If you have something racist to say or better yet ‘type’ you should just keep it to yourself to aviod internet drama. Useless arguements.

  16. Im black an this is funny as hell

  17. What I see in this picture is quite simply a nigger celebrating his rich culture of violence, crime, rape. Perpetrating his crimes against those he knows are weaker than he is, or at a disadvantage to their attacks. TNB is what I see.

    You want to reduce crime in your city, reduce the nigger population.

  18. HAHAH fuckin niggers there all fuckin bad wat u talkin bout. EXPECIALY THIS 1

  19. uh think for a minute. THERE NIGGERS. people are people, robots are robots people are people, niggers are black. and it is fucking great. fthey used to pick our cotton. damn cotton gin. and around 70 or more percent of white people hate them and the people who are on this thread saying (ohhhh thats soo racist are indeed blacker than Folgers coffee beans) i mean cmon. look at 50 cent. he got 16 shots at him. he is still alive and very well. why do you think our ancestors made them slaves. they never die. only thing worse than a nigger is, well nothing except for mexicans

  20. ffs people, the pic is a joke, it’s photo shopped. there are pics on this site, and others which take the piss out of every race, creed, culture, colour. It doesn’t matter. It’s the shit comments people make. Doesn’t matter if you remove all coloured people from your cities, crime won’t go down, it’ll still be there, because unlike you morons, criminals only see green, they don’t care who, what, where you are from, they’ll still rob, steal, cheat. And it’s not just one race, or colour, it’s all. if you really believe all coloured people should be sent back to africa, does that mean all europeans should be sent back too, all mexicians, etc. The only true american is the native american.

  21. +5 for Desu xD

  22. Can I get aids from swimming in the pool with black people? I was at the pool today, and a black family got in. I immediately got out to check the inside of my shoe to see if they stole my wallet or phone. A few minutes later my eyes got all red and watery. Did they give me the aids?

  23. Billy, no. CHLORINES in the water make your eyes red. and how do you know that the family have aids? you’re more racist than the picture and the other comments itself!

  24. if i said u r funny, aint nothing to it, gangsta rap made me do it. just jokin-ice cube…

  25. You claim to be to be so sane, but the last time I checked when I tune into MTV or watch a video on YouTube, I don’t see African Americans making far out fools out of themselves. Well you’re doing a great job of making yourself look like a fool.

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