Posted by: motivat0r | February 12, 2009

Christianity (3)



  1. cough – Christianity had nothing to do with the dark ages, maybe it slowed the recovery down but then if Christians didnt wed have been something else like Vulcans and have gone about it pretty much the same way.

  2. yea shitstick cause a religon that frames anything scientific as “the devil” didnt have anything to do with the dark ages.go eat a fat dick and pray to that fake piece of shit that you call god.tell him i said hi

  3. And just how does one measure “Scientific Advancement” mathematically? 15 Science Units? The X-axis is measured by number of years. The Y-axis is measured by ???

    In other words, this chart is made-up nonsense.

  4. DL your an idiot, this is not actual measured statistics its just trying to illustrate a point.

  5. Everyone is missing the point: none of *US* would be alive. (changing history tends to change marriages, deaths, births, …) A different set of people would explore the galaxy, while we never existed.

    Call me selfish, but I prefer it this way 🙂

  6. Advancement: Technology went down in the Dark Ages coz christians forbid technology. The church would process any inventor that invents technology against the bible.

    Don’t know if this is true but I’ll take my chances :p

  7. You dumb fucks…Christians didn’t forbid any technological advancements. The damn Roman Catholic Church did. FYI: Christians and Catholics are different. Get your fucking history correct before bashing innocent religious groups.
    In fact it was a Christian who built the printing press…that the Catholic Church declared evil.

    This is funny tho.

  8. What do they meant by Christians here is Catholics. There were ONE Christianity before it is separated into many (Egyptian churches, Persian churches, Protestants, etc). GET YOUR HISTORY CORRECT!!! (and I’m not even Christian lol)

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