Posted by: motivat0r | February 3, 2009

Baby Fuck



  1. OK this is wayyy too fucked up

  2. SICK. Please remove nao.

    And it is NOT awwwwwwright. F**king sicko.

  3. O.o Japan is FUCKED UP!

  4. im gonna barf.

  5. shit like this is why I don’t feel bad we dropped the nuke on japan.

  6. shit like this is why I don’t feel bad we dropped the nuke on japan

  7. Whoever drew this shit….

    1) Snap each finger at the knuckle in 4 directions allowing varying pinwheel effect.

    2) take hammer and proceed to shatter each bone (metacarples) between annihilated fleshy gaps until paste.

    3) Heat blade until white hot and cut/seer nubs so blood loss is not a factor and fingers are completely removed.

    4) take thin steel wire, wrap around bloody hand nubs until embedded deeply in flesh against bone, severing tendons- apply tournaquite to wrists AGAIN to eliminate bleed-out.

    5) use metal plates inside cheeks to force mouth to be pried open and begin slowly cutting away at the tongue with heated scissors.

    6) bash teeth down throat, pour water to force swallowing.

    7) break nose repeatedly with hammer.

    8) shave head.

    9) remove metal plates, cut cheeks into gaping smile with heated scissors

    10) remove right eyelid with scissors (paying no mind to eyeball or accuracy)

    11) clip nostrils off with heated scissors

    12) split top lip with heated scissors

    13) Shatter kneecaps with aforementioned hammer

    14) heat a box cutter until white hot and cut achilles tendons and allow them a chance for escape

    15) Laugh at long length as they try to wriggle away with useless legs and stumpy annihilated hands.

    16) sit on their back and repeatedly donkey punch the back of their head while yelling “RIDE ‘EM COWPOKE”

    17) take hammer (again) and begin striking their anus repeatedly until bleeding out profusely (just for laughs)

    18) take head of cabbage patch kid doll and proceed to stuff it up gaping bleeding anus as they die for poetic justice and comedic irony.

    19) drag carcass to mexican dance club

    20) proceed to do hat-dance around cadaver

  8. Read the ENTIRE manga and then tell me this is the most fucked up page.

    Woman grinds her arm into hamburger and then feeds it to an amputee ‘pet’ who is later impaled through the skull by a knife that falls from said womans sliced up and dismembered body.

    Woman is chained to a post and forced to watch the ‘pet’ decompose.

    Woman is forced into a ‘death’match with her younger ‘brother’ where she is beaten about the head and neck with a mace.

    Woman is raped, then eaten by a random tiger. YES! A RANDOM FUCKING TIGER!

    Her unborn daughter who would be born the same way as her is cut from her womb by the President of the United States of America, licked, torn open at the crotch, raped, blended, and then consumed by the President.

    All in all, not the worst thing I’ve ever read. In fact, I think I want to go read it again. And it most certainly IS AWWRIGHTTT~!

  9. brun in hell you freaking douchebag

  10. That’s Japan; hes just saying hello.


  12. What has been seen cannot be unseen…

  13. Must fap now. Ehere i can find this manga?

  14. baby fuck baby fuck

  15. WTF! This anime is for real?, ow! that is so sick! …. Where are the rest of it? … to burn it!

  16. fucking assick… baby fuck? sure it’s not awwrighttt!!!

  17. Title of the manga: Mai-Chan’s Daily Life
    Link (if you REALLY wanna see it):

  18. Oh my fucking god. I just read the manga and…… I did not enjoy one bit of it. Maybe one rape scene, which is normal in hentai, but fucking god. Whoever made this should go to a damn mental hospital. JUST BECAUSE SHE’S INVINCIBLE DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD DO THAT!!!!

  19. @SpikeVE
    I don’t know what’s sicker, the drawing or your sadistic mental crazyness O.o

  20. [shit like this is why I don’t feel bad we dropped the nuke on japan.]

    Well, they began to do this after you dropped the nuke on japan. These thing only exist because they only read newspaper and comics for 30 years to think they can draw anything.

    Sorry, you fail!

  21. feels quite demotivated…. u guys can read the whole comic if you feel some blood lust inside you, It’s called Mai chan’s daily life, it’s damn EPIC… you will find it in submanga =D

  22. oops…. that one’s just spanish… however just google it if you’re not too lazy

  23. That’s Donald McDonald, Australia’s own Chief Censor and Baby-Fister! XD

  24. I fucking love Japan’s crazy sense of sickness! It’s like with America, Russia, or Germany with their incest. Yes USA makes incest videos, so don’t go hating on Japan bitches!

  25. So much butthurt on this page… Those tears must taste so good

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