Posted by: motivat0r | January 3, 2009

Mindfuck LIII



  1. wtf? cant see it for shit…

  2. Dear god if you can’t see the mindfuck why post?
    atleast give an idea… here is mine
    “It’s a photoshop the Guy isn’t sapposed to be in the picture.”

  3. Jordi La Forge says: ” I cant see shit captain…”

  4. if thats shooped, its a pretty damn good job…but i’m wit everybody else, can’t see shit

  5. The dude standing behind ad just to the left of the boy’s head….his jacket almost says “BITCH”

  6. Look at the reflection on the right window, top part, left side.

  7. ok what is the mindfuck, really?

  8. shoe coming out or bag on right?

  9. Window on the right, its the top left one
    Looks like a monster or something, you can see the eye.

  10. I see it! The guy in the foreground wearing the grey jacket has two right arms.

  11. “god’s next …” i think

  12. LiLi, that doesn’t make any sense xD

  13. Hmm no wait, LiLi is right xD

  14. yay we solved the case of the man with two right arms O-O

  15. wtf ppl, window on right has girl in a yellow string bikini >.>

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