Posted by: motivat0r | December 7, 2008

You Are



  1. that is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen.
    that would suck ass

  2. that guy says
    “i turn my back fo two seconds and the planet gets kablooeyd!
    does look pretty sweet though…”

  3. damn those Klingons…..

  4. tihs is fake

  5. Congrats, Kyle. You’re a motherfucking genius. Cookie?

  6. no dude, this happened last week

  7. At least he gets to watch the fireworks

  8. Astronomically and a transendent fail!

  9. @Kyle: NO SH*T! REALLY!!???

  10. Kyle is the smartest person I’ve ever met! I would’ve never guessed it was fake if he hadn’t said so! Thank you Kyle! You’re my savior!

  11. Kyle

    The inspiration for these fucking things

  12. kyle you a fucking genius by the way you spelled this wrong.

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