Posted by: motivat0r | October 26, 2008

When you see it X


  1. Baby

  2. Is the tree… kind of alive?

  3. Wtf I dont see anything??

  4. Fetus, on it’s back, head to left, feet to right, top framed by trees, bottom framed by ground.

  5. Above the couple is a heart-formed thingy with the branches. And yeah Love
    yada yada yada

  6. yo dumbass lol its a baby on his bk not a heart lool

  7. theres a dick in the tree retards

  8. There’s no dick. There’s no love heart.

    It’s an unborn baby seen from side-on. It’s BIG, it takes up the whole picture, and you can see his hands, feet and face in the trees.

    When you see it, you’ll shit bricks

  9. FUUUU-

  10. up in the right ccornor of the three. it’s a heart shape there. is that it?

  11. This one is so easy! Are you guys dumb or something?
    for all who say hearts and dicks you epicly failed, it’s a f*cking BABY!

  12. Sorry fellas, the baby is right, but there is the shape of a woman to the left of the baby’s face.

    You shat another brick?

  13. sorry, to the right. hehe

  14. Look at the left side below

  15. holy fuckin fuck it a baby.

  16. A baby

  17. just baby baby baby ohhh baby baby baby nooo!!

  18. your all dumb because its a leg stick out of the water the heart makes up the foot

  19. dont see it

  20. Its a huge baby how can you not see it? o.O

  21. look farther its a baby like a sonegram

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