Posted by: motivat0r | October 20, 2008

Mindfuck XLVIII


  1. umm. body-like thing in the north-east corner?

  2. the guy in the white is standing behind everyone when clearly theres room for him in front

  3. i think one of them has a boner but who knows?i sure as hell dont

  4. Wayne Brady

  5. Yeah, the guy second-to-the-left has a boner, or maybe it’s the fat guy staring at them in the background.

  6. Window in the top right?

  7. OMG, look at the guy on left. Sometning (or someone) really turned him on ;P

  8. Girl hanging by the neck in the top-right.

  9. holy crap that actually looks like a girl

    and the guy second on the left has like brass knuckels or some shit

  10. they are sun glasses douche

  11. The chick on the right has 3 boobs. Or is that just her shirt?

  12. Hmmm… now where is the black guy…

  13. the guy in the left top corner is naked!

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