Posted by: motivat0r | October 17, 2008

Call of Duty 4


  1. funny, but the racist part is a little iffy, and the making fun of a U.S. Soldier in a combat zone pisses me off.

  2. Fuck you grey u piece of shit fucking nerd no1 likes u ur parents fucked off when u were born.
    lololololololololololol mi roflcopter goes SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI SOI

  3. greyisgrey= obvious black man is obvious

  4. Youre absolutely disgusting making fun of a soldier!!! YOU MAKE ALL WHITE PEOPLE LOOK BAD!!

  5. Dude… Who the crap posts lolololololl roflcopter etc… and your calling him the nerd?

  6. That’s fucked up making fun of our soldiers who fight every fucking day for a better country and to save your ass from terrorism. You wouldn’t be able to survive without people like this.

  7. favored this site best shit
    this is the funniest yet

  8. hahaha fucking hilarious.

    I love watching some of you act like little bitches about stupid shit.

    ~motivator FTW!

  9. lololol

    fuck the soldier

    soi soi soi soi bitch asss soi soi soi soi

  10. lol ragers gatta love them. anyway i just have to say no calling someone a nerd and then be one nerd is not a dis it is a compliment.

  11. You are all dumbasses for feeding the trolls

  12. hahaha.. ROFL

  13. may i mention to you that war is a self-propagating cause?
    but what do i care? the world is over-populated…
    WAR FTW!!!

  14. I kill you slowly if i ever saw you white boy

  15. Those Soldiers aren’t defending the USA, they’re destabilizing a region so Israel can expand. Being unemployed and living on food stamps would be a more effective way of defending the USA.

    Also Blacks+Watermelon is always worth a joke.

  16. BMW in Yo’ Ass Hole!

  17. Anyone who has a problem with this picture, should look at the picture above it >;-)

  18. Also… Hes crying from the wrong side of his eye, he’s one freaky nigger!

  19. Attention All White and Blacks, (Yes, Include the browns too) This is yer Captain Speaking, will there be no Fight in the WarRoom, there is a Meeting of a Strategioc Plan ongoing…….. Thank you for your. Cooperation…….

  20. This is crossing the line.

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