Posted by: motivat0r | October 8, 2008

Cayleee Anthony


  1. hahahaha !! Fucking Goood !!

  2. Unfunny dead kid is not funny.

  3. not funny on this one /b/


  5. you are sick in the head

  6. Disgusting.

  7. wow…not even a little funny here. just SICK

  8. Not funny if she was never found alive & it’s not like she hid herself. dumbasses -.

  9. This is NOT funny, it’s hurtful. This child is dead. How would you feel if it was your child, sibling, or family member? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Have some respect.

  10. this is just ridiculus…and should be removed from the internet

  11. You are a sick fuck.
    A dead baby girl isn’t funny. That goes WAY past dark humor.

  12. Not funny. The girl was murdered, and not given justice.
    Besides, every knows Osama Bin Laden is the champ.

  13. Anyone who finds this funny is either one: retarded, two: sociopath, three: has the IQ of George W. Bush, four: has no soul, five: is a killer or rapist of small girls, six: has a serious mental illness and so on and so on. You people are sick.

  14. Very fucked up.

  15. That ! that is so wrong there is nothing in the world this is uncalled for what is wrong with you ! REALLY WHAT DID THAT SWEET LITTLE GIRL EVER DO TO YOU! that poor little baby is dead and ur making fun of her i hope u feel like shit !

  16. That’s just sick…

  17. What kind of ignorant, insensitive, douche do you have to be motivat0r to say something like that about that innocent, and not to mention most likely murdered, little girl?

  18. So why didn’t you leave my comment up Mr.douche A.K.A. motivat0r?

  19. Sorry, I was busy searching for care so that I can give a f*ck about ur comments.

    Everyone above got trolled.

  20. Well Mr.douche you have a spot for responses so obviously you have to give some sort of fuck about my comments.

  21. I hope you become the next dead “grand champion”.

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