Posted by: motivat0r | October 3, 2008

Barack Obama


  1. Fuck Oboma, He is a terrrorist Bitches MWAHAHAHAHA
    Fuck this Game

  2. yo fertset.
    Because Obama is our FIRST black president,
    i’m going to drop my racist thoughts for a minute to chew your ass out.
    Look here captain dildo,
    You really need a life.
    this is the first time i’ve been on a computer in like,
    a month and a half.
    and it’s not the way i wanted to start the new year, but so be it.
    I think that because you don’t have a life,
    and because you are a narrow minded douchebag,
    who has nothing better to do but to sit at his mom’s house, day after day, and make fun of pointless shit you find on the internet,
    you find it necessary to attack a man, who in retrospect,
    is fucking briliant.
    He’s damn near risking his life,
    to run this great country we live in. i do not appreciate the racsim.
    and neither would he.
    you calling Obama a terrorist,
    is like calling out the Black population,
    AND every other organization of religion that has been called a terrorist threat.
    Fuck you.
    And fuck all of you other racist fucks who think they fucking own this country.
    they were here before us.
    so it’s theirs before it’s ours.
    I hope that this has possibly changed your minds.
    If not, then fuck all of you.
    and your families.
    Good day to you sir.

  3. hes ruining the country!!!!!!

  4. barrack obama plans on bailing out newport cigarettes kentucky fried chicken, and plans on cutting all flavors of coolaid except grape.

  5. lol Obama has so many looks! I love it.

    screw you fertset ya douchebag mo fucka!

    **Motivator you should do one from that scene in pulp fiction where samuel L. Jackson tells the robber his wallet is the one that says, “bad mother fucker”**

  6. they cut off the pic, you cant see hes holdin a 40oz.
    cool lookin mofo aint he

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