Posted by: motivat0r | July 30, 2008

Find Muck


  1. lmao! the big one on the left is a penis!

  2. I think it’s about the Find Muck part…

  3. No, actually, there is a penis. At least two, actually. The thinner one, dead center, half as tall as the whole thing. Hard to see without zooming in, though.

  4. its also that the redhead looks like shes staring at the guys dick

  5. lol nah its the find muck it doesnt say mind fuck it said find muck

  6. i thought it was the tentacles going to the girl….

  7. Wow, obliviousness. They’re saying Ursula is Muck.

  8. There are penises in the building thingy , im a blonde and even i know that. …… Maybe thats why i know it, who know.

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