Posted by: motivat0r | July 23, 2008

Mindfuck XXXVI


  1. whoaaa, black man under the pillow

  2. niggers, they’re always where you least expect them….lol

  3. what is with all the mindless race hatred on this site? did i miss a statement that this is an “aryan nation” site?
    racism is rooted in fear and self doubt. you hate because you fear the outsider. you lack the confidence in yourselves not to be afraid, and so you spew venom to hide it. if you truly feel superior, as one does toward say, a mouse or a dog, there is no need for hatred or venom. Nothing to display or prove.

  4. Ya but it’s funny to make fun of people who arent as good ad us

  5. The funny thing is that you dont see them at first, i dont think there less

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