Posted by: motivat0r | July 21, 2008



  1. wtf! she looks like this young actress. cant find her name right now. anyone?

  2. yea so looks like the younger sister in the last few seasons of Buffy

  3. Michelle Trachtenberg

  4. In all seriousness, I would prefer women to do that behind closed doors than have them miscegenate with filthy niggers! 🙂

  5. agree ^ lol… beastiality.. just wrong… but eh….

  6. Evie’s right about the name.

    Not sure why I know this, but she wasn’t really Buffy’s younger sister in the show. lol

    Pretty girl in the poster, but WTF?!?

  7. possibly michelle t’s face but if so shopped onto the body. as for the rest – just sick.

  8. Oh no!!!! I don’t think a girl like fuck a dog than fuck me…

  9. how lucky the dog is !!!!!!
    i might have helped this pretty girl ……..

  10. may not me to do fuck with you

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