Posted by: motivat0r | June 29, 2008

Occam’s Razor


  1. Except, of course, this would only fit the “all other things being equal” qualifier if the atheism was replaced with the countless thousands of scientific debates on how we came to be.

  2. Occam’s razor is just a rule of thumb, not a law of nature.

    It’s easy to make up simple but false explanations for complex phenomena.

    Also seriously which is simpler “God always was and created all else” ? or “In the beginning was the big bang and it takes Stephen-freaking-Hawking and many lesser Lords of Physics to unravel the complexities of the first few instants, and then how it all led to where we are now.

    I’m not even saying which I believe, but I think the Judao-Christian-Islamic view IS simpler.

  3. and guess even more to the point you are contrasting “there is no god” with the whole of christian theology which is about a heck of a lot more – e.g. origin of everything, causes, ethics, morality, etc etc.

    the atheist side has to include pretty much the whole of science and philosophy to be comparable, and guess what those lovable humans have all kinds of disagreements and divisions ion those areas too.

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