Posted by: motivat0r | May 30, 2008

Mindfuck XXVI


  1. Whats with the guy on the tv?

  2. i think the point is the lady flicking you off with her hand on her head or maybe something with the guy on t.v. or something

  3. It’s Rick Ashtley newfags 😀

  4. You’ve just been Rick Bowl’d ^^

  5. ROFL damn

  6. look at the devider between lanes 12 and 13

  7. there’s like a taco bell menu on the roof lol

  8. the guy is looking on that girls but 😀

  9. if you look in the lane between 12 and 13, the reflection of whats above the lane is there but whats causing the reflection is photoshopped out by covering whats making the reflection with blue

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