Posted by: motivat0r | May 25, 2008



  1. You took down two of Americas buildings, they took down two of your COUNTRIES, who’s laughing now?

  2. Can’t say I entirely agree with the way my country is going about this current business, but the above comment has me laughing now.


  3. of course Iraq is more a muslim state now than it was before we took out the defanged and harmless (to us) Saddam. They have more resident terrorists too. And Afghanistan is moving back towards a radical islamic state. They have the death penalty for converting from Islam to anything else and they just legalized wife rape. We may have helped our enemies more than hurt them, and ironically we spend money in Afghanistan that gets funneled to the Taliban. We underwrite the very guys we are fighting.

  4. What do you mean “we”, Quadroon? I didn’t vote for Obama.

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