Posted by: motivat0r | May 24, 2008

Mindfuck XIII


  1. Still dont see it

  2. looks like you can see a cupboard or sth in the back window even tho its outside…

  3. On the police car is written ”Alcohol & Drugs” (in German of course)

  4. there’s a creepy clown lookin’ thing in the window of the van…look closely at the window of the door thats open….

  5. many faces on the low part of the windows, kinda limp bizkit or korn designs

  6. What the hell, are you all blind? In the windows, the reflection, IT’S A DAMN BUILDING IN FLAMES.

  7. there’s a kinda fat thing on the window… creepy… no iris…

  8. o crap i am blind. the building is on fire in the window reflection

  9. Click the picture to blow it up, the reflection in the window is a pair of boobs!!

  10. looks like a dick by the guy’s crotch, nothing special.

  11. dudes, the left poiice guy has wet pants

  12. could be a pair of boobs or an old lady with glasses licking her tongue out…window next to cop on left

  13. there is a clown in the car!! when you look at the second window on the left you can see him staring at you 😮

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