Posted by: motivat0r | May 23, 2008

Mindfuck X


  1. I dont see it

  2. i dont get this one, someone please help

  3. Looks like the water is moving

  4. a shadow on the cliff looks like a monster

  5. Look closely. Girl laying down with legs spread.

  6. Guy above me, I ditto that. That’s what I see.

  7. these two above me, how? i dun see nothin..

  8. it’s seem that the montain in the left side is sinking…

  9. All the mountains have a darkened ridge. On most days the water should be higher. Somehow, a few tons of water are missing.

  10. Theres a shadow on the lower right of the back cliff down by the water that looks like a car

  11. no all you retards theirs a face in the cliff, look really hard

  12. i think it’s pedobear but in the hillside

  13. wtff i dont see shit

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