Posted by: motivat0r | May 13, 2008

Large Hadron Collider


  1. This is a nightmare. “for the Mayans, this time
    marks the end of the 500 year period of the “Nine Hells” and the
    beginning of the time of “Thirteen Heavens,” with a transition period
    of terrible destruction which began in 1991 and will be complete by
    the end of 2012.”

  2. Get your facts before you post crap.

  3. just fyi not u brux, the creator of this crappy pic

  4. Hey Jordan
    Shut your mouth and just let the world think you are an IDIOT….No need for you to prove it

  5. this is stupid, all of the east side is destroyed hile unuted states is safe, i dont care about the east side, ut if u look closly,

  6. i dont care about the east side, but NEW YORK IS ON FIRE!! and parts of south america, if its spreading, then nvm.

  7. lol do want

  8. This whole thing is crazy. I really hope this project is successful, and we gain all possible info. from it.

  9. The reason that the whole east side of the world is blown up is because the LHC is in the east side of the world.

  10. I live in uk so =/ And the likeleyhood of creating a black hole for a MILLESECOND that collapses INSTANTLY is about ten billion to one, so just imagine the likleyhood of destroying the planet.

    Can’t figure it out?
    how about


    Yeah, that seems about right.

    Nice pic, possably better if you hadn’t put america as the one not getting torn into the event horizon, you’re possably a bit politicly bias there.

  11. To shut you guys up, the East side is being destroyed because thet LHC was created by the CERN (EUROPEAN Organization of Nuclear Research). which is, obviously located in EUROPE. so shut up and quit making stupid comments just to show u hate the U.S.

  12. hey, why dont we just build this thing in space or on the moon? Then we would minimize the whole Extreme radiation and thermal energy produced by a black hole. Look at Sag A* does that look like something we want on our planet? Mabey they could create a warp bubble to bend space time like the U F Os above WA state U S A have been doing? We need to relocate LHC just to be safe.

  13. Sure thing Geoff, help me lift it.

  14. you man are MOIST

  15. buttcrackers batman! we gotta stop this!!

  16. LOL @ By: toon on 2009-10-28
    at 18:03

    people who commented are dumb
    if this thing sucks it sucks all
    so even your pretty little country overseas

  17. It’s EXTREMELY improbable that the LHC is going to destroy the planet but I don’t know, It’s still actually possible, isn’t it? so why taking the risk?
    I know that the LHC could bring like HUGE discoveries but I think there are some things that are better left unknown… I mean, why do scientists keep trying to play god? why don’t we just enjoy this universe we have and stop pushing the search for knowledge to risky places?

    By the way, I’m glad Venezuela is safe in the picture… Most of the Amazon Rainforest is safe too 🙂 😀 haha

  18. It’s just an image for christ sakes!. Lighten up everyone!

  19. Chicken Little bullshit! I know this is just an image but the ignorant morons out there wont….. fcukin Luddites…..

  20. What I find funny is that…people keep calling that part of the earth the ‘east’. Who the hell is deciding where we start giving directions from?

  21. It is possible that it may create very tiny black holes. But it is not possible to suck the mass of the Earth into an infinitely tiny black hole. Think about it… A black hole is a black hole because the center has a very dense mass. It is the amount of the mass that makes a black hole dangerous. By colliding 2 protons together you are not going to suck the Earth in. Nice image though, kind of funny too.

  22. whether the expriment will help us to find about the past

  23. All the LHC is doing is making God’s Playdoh. That’s it. Scientists are colliding protons to make God’s Playdoh. I think it is funny, because Scientists have yet to tell us what caused the Big Bang yet. Apparently there was nothing, then BANG, we had soda cans.
    Just admit it, God clapped and made silly putty that became everything around us. Makes more sense if something caused it.

  24. firstly if world dont end every 1 lol at morons like u
    secondly if world ends who gives a flying fuck were all gone lol

    iver way your a fucking moron

  25. Oh noes, teh 2012 is cumming and teh scientists are gunna keelz us!

  26. u guys are idiots

  27. The LHC is going to lead to alll kinds of wonderful things, like time travel, which I believe is one of there primary reasons of building it. It’s mathmatical.

  28. this is for jason marak…the most rational theory tells us there was more anti-matter than matter in what was the pre-verse and that is what caused the big bang….look something up before regurgitating religious nonsense….science is looking for the answer…being active and using the minds of people who care to think…religion is for a bunch of “sheep” who dont want to think for themselves and just want to be led blindly into heaven….well….ignorance is bliss….and my personal quote….”Religion is the cane for those blinded by their own mortality”: Brandon Lee

  29. God created the universe. BKLee, You should probably get of your stupid little podium and start following some of those sheep you keep criticizing. “Religion is to do right. It is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, it is to be humble.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Think about that, and next time you want to criticize someones religion you should learn something about it first.

  30. clearly we should never do *anything* that has a non-zero chance of destroying the world.

    don’t move a muscle!

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